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Enhanced EcoIndicator-99 method for water and land use.

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Water consumption impact factors Water stress index (WSI) for use in water footprinting and endpoint characterization factors of water consumption for use in LCA. The data is described in Pfister et al. (2009).
Land use impact factors Land use (occupation and consequent transformation) are calculated according to the EI99HA method. Impacts are measured in EI99-pts (HA) per land "area-time" occupied, including effects of transformation (in a global consequential perspective). Details are provided in the procceedings of the LCA Food 2010 conference (Pister et al. 2010 (PDF, 571 KB)), which is part of Stephan Pfister's PhD thesis (PDF, 7.2 MB).  
  The factors are plotted as '1E-02 EI99pts/(m2 yr)' of conventional arable land use (The reference occupation value from EI99 is 8.97 E-02 EI99pts/(m2 yr) =1.15 PDF m2 yr /(m2 yr).

For other land use types and/or units of PDF m2 yr, the table from the EI 99 report (PDF, 1.8 MB) page 118, under section 1.2.3 "Damage to ecosystem quality caused by land occupation and land transformation" can be used.
kmz-file (KMZ, 3.1 MB) (for use in Google Earth)
Carbon sequestration potential (damages due to climate change) as a fuinction of LULUC The factors are plotted as '1E-04 EI99pts/(m2 yr)'. kmz-file (KMZ, 2 MB) (for use in Google Earth)
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