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Welcome to the chair of Ecological Systems Design

Our mission is to model, analyze, evaluate, and improve the resource efficiency and environmental performance of products and processes, new technologies, and consumption patterns from a systems perspective. Read more



ESD research in SNF Newsletter

Our research on Swiss collection and recycling rates showing that these rates are substantially lower than those that are officially communicated was prominently featured in the Swiss National Research Programm 70 newsletter. Read more 


ESD research in The Guardian

The Guardian article "The hydropower paradox: is this energy as clean as it seems?" cites our research, which shows that the carbon footprint of hydropower is far higher than previously assumed. Read more 


ESD research highlighted in Nature

Our research quantified the thermal emissions from power plants worldwide to assess the disruption of acquatic ecosystems. Read more 

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2 May 2017, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - Design and Construction of Almonte Bridge

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3 May 2017, Presentation

IVT Dissertation Seminar - Collaborative Behavior in a Multi-agent Micro-simulation

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11 May 2017, Seminar

VERA Geomatik Seminar: Influences of Machine Learning on Satellite Remote Sensing Image Processing for Earth Observations

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16 May 2017, Inaugural lecture

The past, the present, and the future: Why do we need glaciology at all

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17 May 2017 - 19 May 2017, Congress

STRC 2017 - 17th Swiss Transport Research Conference

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