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Welcome to the chair of Ecological Systems Design

Our mission is to model, analyze, evaluate, and improve the resource efficiency and environmental performance of products and processes, new technologies, and consumption patterns. Read more



«Mesh Mould» Receives Swiss Technology Award 2016

Zurich, 25 November 2016 – Yesterday, the project team behind the novel building technology «Mesh Mould» received the Swiss Technology Award in the category «Inventors» at the 11th Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel. The award ceremony was attended by around 1000 opinion leaders from Swiss economy, politics and society. «Mesh Mould», which was developed by researchers of ETH Zurich, allows to build load-­bearing concrete elements of any shape without formwork. Read more 


How can we deal with sediments to keep hydropower sustainable?

Hydropower is the most important source of renewable electric energy worldwide, but it’s not uncommon that it has to face a serious challenge: sediments that get deposited in storage lakes or increase the erosion of hydraulic turbines Read more 


Award for Dr. Delphine Marchon, by the Construction Chemical Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)

Best PhD award for the thesis "Controlling cement hydration through the molecular structure of comb-copolymer superplasticizers ", by the Construction Chemical Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), received at the 2nd International Conference on the Chemistry of Construction Materials (ICCCM), Munich, Germany, October 2016. Read more 


6 December 2016, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - Physical and uncertainty modeling of interdependent civil infrastructure systems

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7 December 2016, Seminar

IVT-Seminar - Städtische Verkehrssteuerung heute

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8 December 2016, Seminar

Geomatik Seminar: The North - Challenges for Geodesy and Geomatics

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13 December 2016, Colloquium

VAW Blaues Kolloquium - „Schwall und Sunk – Erste Erfahrungen zur Ist- und Defizitanalyse in kleinen und grossen Fliessgewässern“

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16 December 2016, Seminar

IVT-Seminar - Verkehr und soziale Netzwerke

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