Monthly water scarcity assessment & water footprinting

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Monthly WSI have been calculated as described in Pfister & Baumann (2012) (PDF, 879 KB) and Pfister & Bayer (2013) .

There is a zip file including 12 individual monthly WSI maps (field "WSI_#" Where "#" represents the number of the month in a year). The other fields represent the input data from WaterGap 2.0 model (Alcamo et al. 2003): "BAS34S_ID" is the watershed ID, "ROUT_AREA" is the watersehd area in km2, "COUNTRY_NR" is the country code, "AVL6190_KM" is the availability in km3 per year; "TOTWWD95_K" is the total water withdrawal in km3 per year and "WTA_95" is the resulting withdrawal-to-availability ratio for the reference year 1995 in %.

The result maps can also be browsed in our interactive GeoMaps.

The Google Earth files (.kml) are directly opened by double-click in Google Earth (if installed).

This work has been supported by ◦Veolia Water◦


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