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LCA4Waste is a decision support tool for resource use and waste management in energy intensive industries and in dedicated waste treatment processes (superseded tool versions were also referred to as ‘LCA4AFR’ where AFR was an acronym of ‘alternative fuels and raw materials’). It is an Microsoft Excel-based computer program developed to analyse and compare the environmental impact of different resource use and waste treatment scenarios within and between industries. The life cycle inventory and impact assessment (LCI/LCIA) information in the current tool version is based on ecoinvent v2.2 and the tool is still available free of charge with a reduced set of LCIA methods.

The following modules are provided in the file package ‘’:

  • for clinker kilns: macros-enabled Excel file ‘LCA4Waste_Cementkiln_freeVersion_v2.2.xlsm’
  • for municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI): macros-enabled Excel file ‘LCA4Waste_MSWI_freeVersion_v2.2.xlsm’
  • for sanitary landfills: macros-enabled Excel file ‘LCA4Waste_Landfill_freeVersion_v2.2.xlsm’

The updated module for cement kilns includes an upgrade to ecoinvent v2.2 for background LCI data, and new representation of tool results (as pivot tables). The updated module for municipal solid waste incineration (v2.2) includes extended technology options for metal recovery from bottom ash and fly ash, an upgrade to ecoinvent v2.2 for background LCI data, and new representation of tool results (as pivot tables). The module for sanitary landfills has only been updated to ecoinvent v2.2 for background LCI data. Please notice that the critical reviews of the cement and MSWI modules refers to older (superseded) versions of the tool. (Executive summaries of the reviews are available for download in list on the right-hand side of this webpage.)

The file ‘Manual_LCA4Waste_Cementkiln.pdf’ contains the user manual for the preceding version of the cement module ‘LCA4Waste_Cementkiln_freeVersion_v2.1.xls’.
The tools for landfill and municipal solid waste incinerators are very similar and this manual should therefore also be helpful for these modules. A user manual for the updated MSWI module is available (only in German) in the file 'Handbuch_LCA4Waste_MSWI_v2.2 (in German).pdf'.

The file 'Good practice guidelines_LCA4Waste_v2.2.pdf’ contains general guidelines of how the tools and the results should be used.

To download the software, you have to supply your e-mail address and accept the Software License Agreement.

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A module for ironmaking (covering the processes sinter strand and blast furnace; version v2.2-beta) is available upon request from the . Please remember to state your full name, company or affiliation, and that you accept the License Agreement (PDF, 93 KB).

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